Dear Property and Business Owners (Parow Industria Improvement District / CID)               7th September 2017


  1. Annual General Meeting & Membership to the CID

The Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Thursday 7th December 2017 at 16:00 in the Board Room, Sales Office, (CFW Industries) 1a Parin Road, Parow Industria.  Kindly diarize this.  A notice and agenda will follow shortly with advertisements placed in two local newspapers.  At the AGM the CID will provide a detailed report of activities during the last financial year 2016/17 in addition to the plans for 2017/18.  All relevant documentation is due to be placed on the CID’s website shortly . The CID appeals to property owners to apply in writing to the CID for membership.  Membership forms are available on the CID’s website or from the CID office (contact Glynis or Sanchia on 021 932-4799).  Membership (at no cost) is open to all the property owners in the Parow Industria CID precinct, who are encouraged to apply for this so that they can exercise their rights to influence the business of the CID.  Membership cannot be denied and the property owner is then entitled to attend, participate and vote at the members meetings held under the auspices of the Companies Act.  Should a member be unable to attend they may give another individual their proxy to attend and vote on their behalf. Non-members may attend and participate but cannot vote and as such may thus have limited influence on the CID activities.

  1.   New CID Service Providers


The new service providers for the CID is as follows: –

Cleansing, Camera Monitoring and security patrols: – ERC Holdings

Camera Maintenance: – C4i Solutions


The new control room number is 021 932 4800.  The back-up cellular number to the control room remains the same 072 197 5001.  The cellular numbers for the patrol vehicles also remain the same 079 572 5662 / 3.


  1. Appeal from Fire Services


A few months ago CCT Fire Services serviced all fire hydrants in the Parow Industria CID area.  They recently checked these and have reported to the CID office that many of these have again been damaged by large trucks parking on verges.  We make an urgent appeal to business owners to ensure that trucks do not park on verges or illegally and that trailers are not left parked in traffic lanes thereby causing obstruction and traffic congestion.


  1. Services from CCT (City of Cape Town)


There has been much concern raised by CID’s at forum meetings held for all CID Managers and Chairpersons.  The City is now moving towards Area Based Management with the appointment of a Mini-mayor over each area.  CID’s have been divided into these areas.  The process is in an advanced stage and should be implemented soon with the appointments for these positions currently receiving attention.   The concerns surrounding service delivery were again discussed at a recent forum meeting and each CID has compiled a presentation that has already been sent to the City and is due to be presented at a workshop with an Executive Mayoral Committee Member on 12th September 2017.


  1. Proposed Evacuation exercise for 2018


Kindly advise the CID office if there are any companies who may be willing to participate in an evacuation exercise during the first half of 2018 which would incorporate the CID and other relevant role-players for example, CCT Disaster Risk Management, EMS, Fire Services, Traffic Services etc



End of Report

Newsletter 1/2017

Dear property and business owners


Wishing you all the best for the New Year! 





We thank our service provider and the local SA Police for the joint effort that ensured a fairly quite shutdown period.  Below is a brief summary of some of the incidents for your information:-







16 Dec


Junction Road

Guards on patrol noticed front door of company open and lights on.  Business owner was contacted and he came out to close and lock.  Patrol Vehicle stood by until owner arrived.

23 Dec


Cnr. Radnor & Junction

Break-in in progress reported by onsite security.  Aluminium stolen.  CID Security responded rapidly and managed to apprehend 2 suspects.  SAPS called for. Suspects and aluminium handed over to SAPS

27 Dec


De La Rey Road

Suspicious behaviour.  CID controller noticed a group of men standing in De la Rey outside the fence of one of the companies.  Controller monitored them and called for SAPS & CID security.  One male attempted to climb over the wall while two others made their way to Spin Street.  Upon arrival of SAPS and CID security, suspects fled over De La Rey Road and disappeared into Uitsig community.

28 Dec


Cnr. Radnor & Spin Street

Attempted break-in.  Controller monitored CID system and noticed males attempting to break in at a company.  Despatched CID Security and suspects fled into Uitsig community.

28 Dec


Industria Ring Road

Theft off motor vehicle.  A report was received of 3 males stealing two cases of cool drink from a stationery truck. CID security despatched and apprehended one suspect with two cases of cool drink in his possession.  Other two suspects fled.  Case registered with SAPS and suspect handed over.

30 Dec


Cnr. Radnor & Junction

Smoke detected.  CID Security vehicles despatched who confirmed a fire at a company. Fire department contacted as well as business owner.  Fire Services on scene within 10 minutes and blaze extinguished. 

31 Dec


Stellenberg Road

People found in vehicle drinking alcohol

2 Jan


Stellenberg Road

Break-in reported.  4 windows on side of building broken. At this stage, unknown if anything stolen.  No case registered with SAPS.

3 Jan


Tekstiel Road

Stolen vehicle recovered.  Guards notice a suspicious vehicle in Tekstiel Road.  They also notice that it seems to have been stripped and hot-wired.  SAPS contacted and it is confirmed to be stolen.  Recordings are watched off CID camera system and people are seen leaving the vehicle.  One of the alleged suspects is identified by police on the camera footage.

5 Jan


Cnr. De La Rey Road & Radnor

Controller monitors a suspicious male and sees him running after a moving truck and removing a battery charger for a forklift.  The male runs into the Uitsig area carrying the charger.  CID patrol vehicles respond and give chase.  In the process the offender drops the charger and disappears into the Uitsig community area.  Responders retrieve the charger and take this to the company to whom it belongs.

6 Jan


Junction Road

Controller notices a fire on a vacant erven and calls for Fire Services to extinguish the blaze.

7th Jan


Assegaai Road

Controller notices 3 suspicious persons entering CID area.  Controller communicates via radio to CID vehicles to be ready to respond rapidly if instructed to do so.  Suspects move down Radnor Road, into Spin Street, down Tekstiel and enter Assegaai. Controller notices suspects entering a business premises and despatches patrol vehicles & calls for SAPS.  Business owner is also contacted.  Alleged break-in.  Saps arrive with 4 dogs on scene and 4 vehicles.  Controller continues to monitor the camera system and picks the suspects up in Junction Road walking into Robert Sobukwe Road.  CID vehicles immediately contacted on radio and they give chase.  Two of the three suspects are apprehended by CID security and taken back to the company where the police were still standing off.  Suspects handed to Police.  The third suspect that managed to escape is known to the CID security and is alleged to be the same suspect as in the incident above on 5th January (theft from motor vehicle – forklift battery charger)





A CID/SRA (Special Rating Area) is established in terms of strict legislative framework with governance by a Board of Directors who remain liable should this be compromised.  Maladministration and/or negligence can result in a SRA been closed down.


Please note that SRA’s contract their service providers and that the provision of these services do not allow for services / improvements or upgrades rendered on private property.  Services are in respect of a top up service to the Municipal services only in the public arena as clearly stipulated in the SRA By-Law 2012 (Promulgated 20 July 2012 PG 7015; LA 24808), Amended By-Law 2016 (Promulgated 4 March 2016 PG 7578; LA 61065) and Policy document (Paragraph 2.3 of Special Rating Areas Policy 2016/17 – Policy number 21144A).


Individual companies therefore remain responsible for their own on-site security / security services.




At the Annual General Meeting held in November 2016, two Directors resigned (Chris Coxwell from Unicape and founding member Andre’ Knoop).  They are thanked for all their hard work and efforts.  Nominations for Directorship were received and Richard Ayres (Saplings) and Andrew Thomson (Chantec) were appointed.  We thank them for their willingness to serve alongside the other three existing board members, Ausef Raad (Chairperson), Greg Morse (Vice-Chairperson) and Andre’ Cloete (Pen Bev).  All relevant AGM documentation is available on the website together with the minutes of meeting .




Please notify the CID office of crime and incidents as this assists us in identifying hot spot areas and implementing strategies aimed at decreasing crime.  These reports also play a major role in identifying locations for cameras.  4 Static cameras are due to be installed along De La Rey Road shortly as well as one on the corner of Industria Ring and MC Beukes Streets.



***************************END OF NEWSLETTER*******************




A reminder that the Energy Efficiency Forum award nominations close on13 September- and the City of Cape Town is encouraging people to apply.  

An extract from an e-mail from the EE Forum is below for your information:-

“Nominations for Cape Town Energy Efficiency Forum Awards close on 13 September 2016

Has your business implemented successful energy efficiency interventions in your building/s or operations? Nominations are invited for the Energy Efficiency Forum Awards 2016, and the deadline for submission is 13 September 2016. This annual Award recognises leadership and encourages businesses to continue reducing their energy consumption. Applications are judged on their energy management systems and significant energy efficiency interventions – including both technological improvements and behaviour change – which have resulted in substantial and sustainable reductions in energy consumption. Three award categories cover retrofits of existing small and large buildings/ operations and new build (any size). The winners will be recognised at an awards ceremony on 16 November 2016.

Suggested tweets:


Energy and Climate Change Unit

Environmental Resource Management Department

8th Floor, Goodhope Subcouncil Building

44 Wale Street, Cape Town

Tel: 021 444 2123

Cell: 076 714 5688


city of cape town


The Annual General Meeting is scheduled for 10th November 2016 at 16:00 at 1a Parin Road, Parow Industria (CFW Industries).  Kindly diarise this date.  Official notices and an agenda will be sent out shortly and all relevant documentation placed on the CID’s website .  Two of the CID’s current Directors will be resigning at the AGM and we encourage anyone interested in becoming a Director on the CID board to contact the CID office (021 932-4799) or send an e-mail to


  1. 2.        CRIME

Crime has shown a sharp increase just outside the CID’s geographic boundary in De La Rey Road.  Many robberies are taking place as well as “smash and grabs”/ malicious damage to vehicles.  With the construction on De La Rey Road and traffic channelled into a single lane, criminals from the Uitsig area bordering on De La Rey Road are seizing the opportunity to commit crime as vehicles have to slow down.  Furthermore, the criminals are taking the rocks placed in the traffic lane under construction and throwing these into the single lane open for traffic to flow.  This forces motorists to “zig zag” between lanes, further slowing them down and making them a target for criminals.  The construction is expected to last until May 2017.  Some rain delays were experienced and further delays caused by culprits stealing the construction companies signage which to date is a loss in excess of R150 000.00 in value.  A joint effort between the CID controllers and guards on the patrol vehicles led to a positive arrest in this regard.  Of late with the excellent monitoring by the CID’s controllers in capturing facial features, a number of culprits have been able to be identified by SAPS with arrests made.  It would however seem that “word has got out” and culprits operating along this section of De la Rey Road directly opposite the Uitsig community are now covering their faces with cloth to avoid identification.

The CID cannot over emphasize the importance of registering criminal cases with the SA Police Service when crime has occurred.  By not doing so, the CID area barely makes a mark on the SAPS crime pie graph.  SAPS deploy most resources in “crime ridden areas” and if very little is been reported from Parow Industria this is not a true reflection of the crime situation where only the criminal then benefits.  We therefore again appeal to business owners, employees to register criminal cases where crime has taken place.

Furthermore we make an urgent appeal to business owners to ensure that premises are secure before leaving at the end of a business day.  During August alone the CID had to make after hour calls to a total of 14 business owners to inform them that either gates, windows or doors had been left unlocked.

With the new financial year that has started with some funds available in the budget ear marked for cameras, the CID is awaiting quotations for more camera installations to be considered at identified hot spot areas.

Below is a summary of the incidents reported to the CID by business owners and the CID’s security service provider from May to August 2016:-

5th May 2016 at approximately 10:44

Assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm: At 10:44am CID Controller received a call requesting assistance in Radnor Road where a male assaulted another male by hitting him on the head with a hammer.  SAPS and the Ambulance called for. 

8th May 2016 at approximately 07:14

Break-in | Attempted Theft: At approximately 07:14am CID Security officer on patrol spotted an exhaust pipe laying in front of a company in Spin Street and notified the control room.  The CID Controller checked the camera system and noticed a suspect on a premises. SAPS Ravensmead contacted.

13th May 2016 at approximately 06:20

Assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm | Theft: Male was allegedly assaulted with a brick thrown at his head from a close range in Industria Ring Road and then robbed of his bag.  SAPS and ambulance called for.   

15th of May 2016 at approximately 02:40

Alleged assault: In Industria Ring Road at approximately 02:40am unknown police officers were seen on the CID camera system searching young males and allegedly assaulting one of the young males.  

17th of May 2016 at approximately 04:00

Cable Theft:  Alleged cable theft reported to CID regarding four males who had allegedly stolen cables at a company in Trans Karoo Road and ran towards Robert Sobukwe Road.  Ravensmead SAPS informed and playbacks done on camera system but nothing seen and no suspects found. 

28th of May 2016 at approximately 06:04

Robbery:  Cid control room informed at 09:40 of an incident that took place at approximately 06:04 where a woman was allegedly robbed at De La Rey Road.  Handbag and cell phone was stolen by three males who came from Hanekom Laan, Uitsig. SAPS informed and footage handed to SAPS.

30th of May 2016 at approximately 01:00

Theft of Camera: Theft of a camera reported to CID control room from a company in Spin Street. 


2nd of June 2016 at approximately 00:30

Arrest | Possession of Dangerous Weapon: At approximately 00:30pm CID Controller spotted two suspicious males coming from Uitsig area towards Radnor Road, Parow Industria, carrying a back bag. Controller spotted the two males hind behind the trees in Radnor Road. Controller immediately dispatched both CID Responders and contacted Ravensmead SAPS. The suspects were allegedly armed with a dangerous weapon and detained by SAPS.

4th of June 2016 at approximately 03:31

Malicious Damage to Property: At approximately 03:31am CID Controller noticed four males throwing stones at passing vehicles in De-La Rey Road and contacted Ravensmead SAPS. Footage made available to SAPS.

6th of June 2016 at approximately 01:03

Attempted Theft of Power Box Cables: At approximately 01:03 CID Controller noticed a suspicious male entering the CID area.   He approached a power box in Spin Street with a bag in hand and knelt behind the box.  CID responder despatched, who gave chase but suspect jumped over walls and managed to escape.  SAPS notified and COCT informed as the power box had been opened.  Playback on footage shows the suspect jumping over a wall making his escape over De la Rey Road but it is noticed that he does not have the bag in his hand.  CID responders trace back the steps of the suspect and find the bag containing the following items: Saw, 4 x Spanners (sized 13, 14, 15, & 19) a small blue scissors, drill bits, and matches.

6th of June 2016

Theft: A company bordering on De la Rey Road reported seeing some of their reject products lying in De La Rey Road near the bridge. SAPS informed. 

7th of June 2016 at approximately 00:35

Cable Theft | Arrest: At approximately 00:35 CID Responder made an arrest in Spin Street of a suspect who had allegedly stolen cables off trucks parked in Tekstiel Road.

8th of June 2016 at approximately 17:45

Robbery: At approximately 17:45 CID Controller noticed 3 suspicious young males passing the CID camera on the corner of Radnor and  De La Ray Road. Controller monitored them as they proceeded down De la Rey Road and noticed that they robbed a male.  Male was injured in the struggle but managed to retrieve his bag.  SAPS informed.

9th of June 2016 at approximately 12:15

Attempted theft out of a Motor Vehicle: At approximately 12:13 CID Responder spotted a white Bantam bakkie speeding from Parin Road over Textile Road and immediately reported it to Control Room. Responders gave chase but were unable to catch up to the vehicle.  A few minutes later the CID control room was informed that this vehicle with 2 males had tried to break into a vehicle in Industria Ring Road.  Footage extracted and handed to SAPS. 

12th of June 2016 at approximately 11:35

Abduction of female: At approximately 11:35 CID informed of a female lying under a tree in Radnor Road. On arrival found a woman who reported that she had been drugged and dropped off at the side of the road.  Footage extracted and handed to SAPS. 

12th of June 2016 at approximately 20:25

Attempted Robbery | Arrest: At approximately 20:25 CID Controller spotted a red Mazda bakkie at Radnor Road and noticed that the driver had an empty plastic bottle in his hand and assumed that the vehicle was stranded without fuel.  Controller saw the driver running alone towards Robert Subukwe Road to buy fuel at Belhar side and immediately informed Responders to stand off at Robert Sobukwe Road.

At approximately 20:29 Controller noticed a white Corsa open cab bakkie stop in front of the red Mazda bakkie and a male came out of the front passenger side of the white Corsa bakkie. Controller then noticed the suspect approach the passenger side of the red Mazda and after a while he walked to the driver side of the red Mazda and tried to force open the door.  Controller despatched responders and contacted Ravensmead SAPS.  SAPS inform CID control that they are looking for a vehicle fitting this description of the white Corsa.  CID responders park in such a way so as to cause an obstruction so that the Corsa cannot be moved.  On seeing the CID responders a lady gets out of the locked Mazda bakkie and reports that her husband had gone to get petrol and she was waiting in the vehicle when the occupants of the Corsa stopped and wanted to rob her. 

16th of June 2016 at approximately 13:55

Attempted Theft: CID Controller received a call from onsite security at a company in Junction Road reporting that someone had stolen aluminium and that he had tried to chase the suspect.  The suspect got away but the aluminium was retrieved.    

17th of June 2016 at approximately 17:09

Theft | Arrest: At approximately 17:09 CID Controller noticed five suspicious males at a company bordering on Spin and De La Rey Roads.  The suspects were taking bags filled with goods.  SAPS contacted.  Goods retrieved and all 5 suspects arrested. 

20th of June 2016 at approximately 01:53

Theft | Arrest: At approximately 01:53 CID Controller received a call from a company in Radnor Road to confirm that 3 males were on the premises stealing iron and throwing it over the wall.  CID controller monitored camera system and despatched responders, also calling for SAPS.  Goods retrieved and all 3 suspects arrested. 

21st of June 2016 at approximately 17:30

Accident: At approximately 17:30 CID responder reported an accident in Industria Ring Road.

26th June 2016 at approximately 02:40

Armed Robbery: CID Controller received a call from a company regarding suspects who had jumped over the fence at De La Rey Road before fleeing into Uitsig and who had allegedly stolen a black bag. CID responders dispatched to investigate and were informed that there were five suspects one of which allegedly was in possession of a firearm and had threatened the onsite Security Officer on scene. SAPS informed.

27th June 2016 at approximately 20:30

Suspicious vehicle | Suspected Stolen Property: CID Controller spotted a suspicious vehicle with seven occupants been pushed down De La Rey Road.  One of the occupants ran over the road to the Uitsig area and informed SAPS.  Person came back from Uitsig carrying a battery that was put into the vehicle and the vehicle was then started and sped off.   

1st July 2016 at approximately 18:14

Armed Robbery: At approximately 18:14 a call was received at the CID Control room regarding an alleged robbery by six black males who arrived in a Maroon Toyota Etos and a white Taxi.  A firearm had also been pointed.  Car keys were taken.  The complainant declined to register a criminal case with SAPS.   

3rd July 2016 at approximately 14:00

Attempted Theft: CID Controller received a phone call from a company in Junction Road where two males were allegedly trying to steel aluminium.  When disturbed by the onsite security the suspects fled. 

8th July 2016 at approximately 03:35

Attempted Theft: At approximately 03:35, one of the CID responders received a call from the onsite Security Officer at a company in Industria Ring Road reporting that there are suspects at the back of their premises attempting to steal something. CID patrol vehicles responded and noticed four suspects running away.  Goods were found still lying on the floor.

8th July 2016 at approximately 21:37

Illegal Dumping: At 21:37 CID Controller spotted a white bakkie on the camera system moving through the CID area where someone on the back on the vehicle was throwing fish guts off the back while the vehicle was in motion.  The registration number was obtained and this reported to the relevant authorities for the necessary action to be taken. 

11th July 2016 at approximately 03:25

Attempted break-in:  At approximately 03:25 onsite security at a company in Junction Road reported that they had suffered a break in and that the two gate poles of their roller gate had been broken. Nothing had been stolen from the premises.

11th July 2016 at approximately 20:00

Trespassing: At approximately 20:00 onsite security of a company in Tekstiel Road contacted CID Control room and reported that  while he was on his patrols two males had entered the guard hut by climbing through the window. 

12th July 2016 at approximately 13:15

Fire in public field / burning of electrical wires: CID Controller noticed a suspicious male busy in the bush at the Belhar station. Controller dispatched Responder to investigate and on arrival the suspicious male reported that he had needed to relieve himself in the bushes.  CID responder left but controller then noticed that the suspicious male was making a fire in the bush and once again dispatched the responder for the second time to investigate further. The suspect allegedly killed the fire when he saw the Responder arrive.  The Responder confirmed that the suspect made the fire in order to burn his electrical wires.

12th July 2016 at approximately 19:42

Attempted Break-in | Arrest: At approximately 19:42 CID Controller spotted three males come from Junction Road and dispatched both responders to the scene. At the same time a call was received from onsite security at a company in the vicinity to report that three males were making a big hole next to a fence. CID patrol vehicles despatched and SAPS informed.  CID responders caught two of the suspects with the third one managing to escape.  Upon arrival of SAPS, CID responders showed them the hole that had been dug under the fence of a company that is next to a Telkom box which also seemed to be tampered with.  Telkom contacted and informed.   

14th July 2016 at approximately 23:30

Possession of Suspected Stolen Property | Arrest: At approximately 23:30 CID controller monitored spotted two suspicious males in Industria Ring Road who turned into Denton Road.  Later at approximately 00:30pm, the Controller noticed the same suspicious males coming back from Denton Road and entering Parow Industria CID area. Controller dispatched the CID Responders and SAPS notified. Controller noticed one of the suspects pointing at the camera in Denton Road.  Copper pipe and a dangerous weapon (Panga) was found in the bag carried by the suspects. 

17th July 2016 at approximately 14:30

Break-in / Theft | Arrest: At approximately 14:30 onsite security from a company in Garrett Street informed CID control room of a suspicious person on the premises.  CID responders dispatched and suspect fled.  Responders gave chase and caught the suspect.  They found the following items on the suspect: Black jacket Screw driver, 2x piece rain trouser pants, 1x rain jacket, 2x fire extinguishers 9kg, 1x yellow jacket, 1x steel wheel barrow, 1x shovel and 1x blue crate. SAPS called for. 

17th July 2016 at approximately 21:50

Suspicious Vehicle: CID Controller noticed a suspicious vehicle in Stellenberg Road and dispatched the CID responders to investigate.  The occupants of the vehicle reported that they were stuck without petrol and were going to go and purchase some petrol.  CID controller contacted SAPS and provided them with the registration number requesting them to do a vehicle check.  It turned out that the registration matched that of a vehicle stolen in Kraaifontein but that the make of the vehicle did not correspond. 

22nd July 2016 at approximately 17:34

Theft: At approximately 17:34 CID Controller spotted a male at Spin street who was allegedly stealing steel by pulling this through the company’s gate. Controller immediately dispatched both CID Responders who caught the suspect.   SAPS contacted but sadly the business owner declined to register a case against the suspect who turned out to be an ex-employee of the company.

30th July 2016 at approximately 09:40

Attempted Cable Theft | Arrest: At approximately 09:40 CID Controller spotted a suspicious male in Denton Road who was allegedly busy removing the cover of a street lamp pole and attempting to pull the cables from the pole. Controller dispatched both CID Responders who caught the suspect with the cover of the lamp pole in his hands.  SAPS called for.

2nd August 2016 at approximately 10:00

Theft: CID Controller monitoring the CID camera system noticed two suspicious males standing in Industria Ring Road who stole goods off a truck when this stopped at the stop street.  SAPS informed. 

2nd August 2016 at approximately 16:50

Theft: CID Responder informed the Control Room of a commotion that was going on in Spin Street.  SAPS informed.  It is alleged that a male was trying to steal from a business owner. 

3rd August 2016 at approximately 14:30

Possession of Illegal Substance: CID Controller noticed on the camera system that Metro Police was busy searching a vehicle in Radnor Road where alleged illegal substance was found on one of the occupants of the vehicle. 

4th August 2016 at approximately 01:59

Theft | Arrest: At 01:59 CID Controller noticed two females in Radnor Road and dispatched the CID Responders. The responders found the two females to be in possession of steel.  SAPS informed who came and arrested the females. 

4th August 2016 at approximately 14:20

Pedestrian Knocked Over:  CID control room informed of a pedestrian that had been knocked over in Radnor Road at the Engen garage. Controller immediately contacted the emergency department for an ambulance to be dispatched.  It is alleged that the pedestrian got off a taxi and walked in front of the taxi.  The taxi then pulled away and knocked her over.   

7th August 2016 at approximately 06:20

Armed Robbery: At 06:19 one of the CID’s Controllers was allegedly robbed by three suspects in Radnor Road while on her way to work.  Reported to SAPS and footage handed to SAPS which shows clear visuals of these suspects as being the same group operating on BMX bicycles responsible for robbing a number of people on De la Rey Road. 

7th August 2016 at approximately 10:20

Theft: At approximately 10:20 Simba’s onsite Security Officer called the Thorburn Control Room over the two-way handheld radio and reported that suspects had stolen chips from Simba’s premises. Controller contacted SAPS and dispatched both Thorburn Responders to their premises. Responders found no suspects by the fence. Simba security found no suspects either.

7th August 2016 at approximately 16:30

Armed Robbery: Thorburn Controller Sylvia monitored the area at 13:19pm and spotted three males looking very suspicious. Controller noticed at camera number 11 in De La Rey Road the two male suspects on BMX Bicycles on the verge of the road allegedly robbed a male with a firearm. Controller immediately contacted Ravensmead SAPS and spoke to Constable Phumesa. Controller could not dispatch Thorburn Responders as De La Rey Road falls out of the CID’s geographical boundary.  Thorburn Controller took snap shots of the suspects off the camera monitoring system. Thorburn Responder confirmed that the suspects robbed the male of his cellphone and R600.00. SAPS arrived and took the victim to the Police Station to open up a case. It was later identified by Nazlee that these suspects are the same males that robbed her earlier that morning of her cellphone and her wedding band (see above incident reference 175).


8th August 2016 at approximately 03:30

Suspicious Person | Arrest: CID Responder reported to the CID Control Room that a suspicious male was wandering around near a company in Trans Karoo Road and when approached, he started running away.  CID Responder chased after the suspect and caught him near Stoker Circle.  CID Controller informed SAPS and requested that a vehicle be dispatched to the scene. On arrival of SAPS the suspect broke loose and ran away but was caught by the CID responder and SAPS.  

8th August 2016 at approximately 01:40

Break-In: At approximately 01:40 onsite security at a company in Radnor Road informed the CID Control room of males who had jumped over the fence.  He also reported a hole in the fence and a broken window.  SAPS informed.  6 x HP Computer Boxes stolen, 1 x Keyboard and 1 x HP Screen.

9th August 2016 at approximately 09:10

Break-in: Suspects allegedly gained access via the roof of a company in Spin Street (that also borders on De la Rey Road) and stole products. 

11th August 2016 at approximately 20:51

Malicious Damage to Property: At approximately 20:51 the CID Control Room was contacted  regarding a report of an alleged break in at a company in Denton Road.   

12th August 2016

Attempted Break-in: The CID control room was informed regarding an attempted break-in at the Ravensmead Business Park, corner MC Beukes and Industria Ring Roads. It was reported that the fence and a window burglar bar had allegedly been damaged. No access was gained and nothing was stolen.


12th August 2016 at approximately 02:25

Robbery: At approximately 02:25 CID Controller noticed an unknown white female walking down De La Rey Road (carrying a bag) who crossed over into Uitsig.  She was later joined by a male.  A few minutes later the female came back out of Uitsig without a bag.  She was robbed of her shoes in the intersection of Radnor / De la Rey Road and started to walk away, being  joined by a number of other males. She did not want any assistance from the CID responders.  Reported to SAPS with footage handed over.

13th August 2016 at approximately 23:50

Armed Robbery | Arrest: At 23:50 CID Controller was monitoring Radnor and De La Rey Road Roads and spotted a group of suspicious males who were trying to run after the slow moving vehicles in De La Rey Road in order to rob the occupants.  SAPS called for who arrived and arrested all seven suspects. 

14th August 2016 at approximately 08:45

Break-in: At approximately 08:45 CID Responder reported to CID Controller that he had received a report of a break in at a company in Junction Road.  SAPS informed.


15th August 2016 at approximately 11:49

Stolen Vehicle Recovered: At approximately 11:49 CID Controller noticed police vehicles at a company in Trans Oranje Road.  CID responder dispatched to investigate and it was found that a stolen vehicle had been recovered.   

17th August 2016 at approximately 14:10

Theft: At 14:10 a company in Spin Street reported a theft of a bicycle.   

21st August 2016 at approximately 07:30

Malicious Damage to Property: At approximately 07:30 CID Controller noticed two suspicious males coming from Uitsig who were throwing big stones / rocks onto De La Rey Road to block the single lane of traffic.  SAPS informed.  The suspects fled.  CID Responders removed all the large stones / rocks off the road surface to re-open the single lane of traffic as other lanes are closed re: the construction work underway. 

21st August 2016 at approximately 13:42

Theft: At 13:42 CID Controller noticed a person pushing a trolley in Industria Ring Road moving  towards Stellenberg Road. Controller monitored the male with the trolley and noticed him taking direction towards Textile Road. Controller noticed the Trolley was busy for a while at the camera’s blind-spot in Spin Street. Controller continued to monitor the person who then attempted to steal from a business owner in Spin Street.  SAPS called for. 


22nd August 2016

Theft: Report received from a business owner at the Ravensmead Business Hive, cnr. Industria Ring & MC Beukes Streets of a theft of  one pallet of newspapers.


22nd August 2016 at approximately 03:25

Trespassing: At approximately 03:25 CID Controller noticed two suspicious males at the wall of a company in Spin Street. Controller noticed one of the males jumping over the wall while the other male was waiting outside. The second suspect eventually also jumped over the wall inside the premises. Both Thorburn Responders were dispatched and Ravensmead SAPS contacted.   Suspects managed to flee by jumping over walls and making a quick escape into De la Rey Road.  The responders and SAPS gave chase but were unable to catch them. 

22nd August 2016 at approximately 06:24

Break-in: At 06:24 CID Responder reported to CID Controller that he had been informed of a break in in Assegaai Road.  SAPS informed. 

23rd August 2016 at approximately 18:05

Trespassing: At 18:05 a business owner in Stellenberg Road reported a suspicious male jumping over his fence and provided a description.  CID Controller immediately dispatched both Responders and monitored the camera system for the whereabouts of the suspect.  He was spotted on the corner of Cradick-cul-de-sac and Stellenberg Road.  CID responder informed who then caught the suspect.   

23rd August 2016 at approximately 15:38

Theft: At approximately 15:38 the CID was informed by a company in Industria Ring Road regarding a theft off their premises with two suspects.  CID Responders arrived on the scene.  SAPS called for and suspects taken into custody. 


25th August 2016 at approximately 00:36

Trespassing: At 00:36 CID Controller monitored Radnor Road and noticed a suspicious male coming from Stellenberg Road.  He was monitored and seen climbing a wall in Spin Street.  On seeing the CID responders the suspect fled.  SAPS called for.  CID Responders looked at the footage and identified the male, giving his name to SAPS. 

25th August 2016 at approximately 05:15

Suspicious Males: CID Controller spotted two suspicious males at De La Rey Road who looked as though they wanted to rob people. The males had closed their faces with cloths. Controller contacted Ravensmead SAPS.


26th August 2016 at approximately 22:15

Public Indecency | Alleged Pointing of a Firearm: CID Controller noticed a company vehicle (open bakkie) parked in Stellenberg Road close to Belhar Station where a male and female were allegedly having intercourse on the back of the open bakkie.  It was noticed that the male had an alleged firearm in his hand.  Responders dispatched and the male and female left the area.  CID Manager will follow up with the company in question re: the use of a branded company vehicle.  

27th August 2016 at approximately 18:40

Robbery: At approximately 18:40 CID Controller noticed three males at the De la Rey / Radnor Roads intersection allegedly busy robbing an elderly man.  CID Responders dispatched and SAPS informed. Suspects fled but their identity has been disclosed by an Uitsig resident  with this information handed over to SAPS. 

28th August 2016 at approximately 07:20

Suspicious Males: At 07:20 CID Controller noticed three suspicious males walking next to the walls of company’s bordering on De La Ray Road.   Controller noticed that there was also a male waiting for a taxi and that these three suspicious males were moving in his direction seemingly with the intention of robbery.  The male moved into the road and tried to get the attention of motorists.  CID responders dispatched but before their arrival a vehicle stopped for the male to climb in before he could be robbed.  CID responders did however search the three suspicious males but found nothing suspicious on them.    


28th August 2016 at approximately 11:10

Theft: At 11:10 CID Controller spotted four suspicious males walking next to the walls of properties in Radnor Road. CID Responders was dispatched and searched the four males but did not find anything suspicious on them.  While monitoring these suspicious persons further the controller noticed another male running out from a nearby company who had reportedly just stolen items from a security guard hut.  The suspect jumped over a wall into an overgrown erven.  The responders gave chase and the four initial “suspicious males” they had checked assisted them but later returned to the location to report that they to were unable to find the suspect who stole items from the guard hut. 

30th August 2016 at approximately 13:45

Suspicious Males: CID Controller monitored Radnor Road and noticed two suspicious males on the corner of De La Rey Road who allegedly seemed to be on the lookout for people who they could possibly rob.  Controller immediately informed CID Responders and contacted Ravensmead SAPS. 





Amongst other items on an agenda is the new road markings in Radnor Road, Parow Industria (extending between Stellenberg and De la Rey Roads) that are causing traffic congestion as well as the informal collectors that occupy traffic lanes in De la Rey Road with heavily loaded trolleys.  They sort their waste on De la Rey Road leaving an awful mess.  The CID is addressing these issues with the relevant role players from the City of Cape Town and another meeting is due to take place shortly in this regard now that the elections and Council recess has passed. 



One of the components on the CID’s Dare to Dream Campaign (Re-cycling / Re-using / Minimising waste) is a waste to product project where a previously unemployed lady (Katie) from the surrounding residential area sews items made from off cuts of fabric which would normally have ended up at City landfill sites.  Anyone with donations of cotton, waste fabric, filler for cushions or a second hand industrial over locker and / or sewing machine is requested to contact the CID office (021 932-4799).  Products can be purchased from Katie at the CID’s unit at the Ravensmead Business Hive, cnr. Industria Ring and Mc Beukes Streets, Parow Industria.


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