Newsletter 1/2017

Dear property and business owners


Wishing you all the best for the New Year! 





We thank our service provider and the local SA Police for the joint effort that ensured a fairly quite shutdown period.  Below is a brief summary of some of the incidents for your information:-







16 Dec


Junction Road

Guards on patrol noticed front door of company open and lights on.  Business owner was contacted and he came out to close and lock.  Patrol Vehicle stood by until owner arrived.

23 Dec


Cnr. Radnor & Junction

Break-in in progress reported by onsite security.  Aluminium stolen.  CID Security responded rapidly and managed to apprehend 2 suspects.  SAPS called for. Suspects and aluminium handed over to SAPS

27 Dec


De La Rey Road

Suspicious behaviour.  CID controller noticed a group of men standing in De la Rey outside the fence of one of the companies.  Controller monitored them and called for SAPS & CID security.  One male attempted to climb over the wall while two others made their way to Spin Street.  Upon arrival of SAPS and CID security, suspects fled over De La Rey Road and disappeared into Uitsig community.

28 Dec


Cnr. Radnor & Spin Street

Attempted break-in.  Controller monitored CID system and noticed males attempting to break in at a company.  Despatched CID Security and suspects fled into Uitsig community.

28 Dec


Industria Ring Road

Theft off motor vehicle.  A report was received of 3 males stealing two cases of cool drink from a stationery truck. CID security despatched and apprehended one suspect with two cases of cool drink in his possession.  Other two suspects fled.  Case registered with SAPS and suspect handed over.

30 Dec


Cnr. Radnor & Junction

Smoke detected.  CID Security vehicles despatched who confirmed a fire at a company. Fire department contacted as well as business owner.  Fire Services on scene within 10 minutes and blaze extinguished. 

31 Dec


Stellenberg Road

People found in vehicle drinking alcohol

2 Jan


Stellenberg Road

Break-in reported.  4 windows on side of building broken. At this stage, unknown if anything stolen.  No case registered with SAPS.

3 Jan


Tekstiel Road

Stolen vehicle recovered.  Guards notice a suspicious vehicle in Tekstiel Road.  They also notice that it seems to have been stripped and hot-wired.  SAPS contacted and it is confirmed to be stolen.  Recordings are watched off CID camera system and people are seen leaving the vehicle.  One of the alleged suspects is identified by police on the camera footage.

5 Jan


Cnr. De La Rey Road & Radnor

Controller monitors a suspicious male and sees him running after a moving truck and removing a battery charger for a forklift.  The male runs into the Uitsig area carrying the charger.  CID patrol vehicles respond and give chase.  In the process the offender drops the charger and disappears into the Uitsig community area.  Responders retrieve the charger and take this to the company to whom it belongs.

6 Jan


Junction Road

Controller notices a fire on a vacant erven and calls for Fire Services to extinguish the blaze.

7th Jan


Assegaai Road

Controller notices 3 suspicious persons entering CID area.  Controller communicates via radio to CID vehicles to be ready to respond rapidly if instructed to do so.  Suspects move down Radnor Road, into Spin Street, down Tekstiel and enter Assegaai. Controller notices suspects entering a business premises and despatches patrol vehicles & calls for SAPS.  Business owner is also contacted.  Alleged break-in.  Saps arrive with 4 dogs on scene and 4 vehicles.  Controller continues to monitor the camera system and picks the suspects up in Junction Road walking into Robert Sobukwe Road.  CID vehicles immediately contacted on radio and they give chase.  Two of the three suspects are apprehended by CID security and taken back to the company where the police were still standing off.  Suspects handed to Police.  The third suspect that managed to escape is known to the CID security and is alleged to be the same suspect as in the incident above on 5th January (theft from motor vehicle – forklift battery charger)





A CID/SRA (Special Rating Area) is established in terms of strict legislative framework with governance by a Board of Directors who remain liable should this be compromised.  Maladministration and/or negligence can result in a SRA been closed down.


Please note that SRA’s contract their service providers and that the provision of these services do not allow for services / improvements or upgrades rendered on private property.  Services are in respect of a top up service to the Municipal services only in the public arena as clearly stipulated in the SRA By-Law 2012 (Promulgated 20 July 2012 PG 7015; LA 24808), Amended By-Law 2016 (Promulgated 4 March 2016 PG 7578; LA 61065) and Policy document (Paragraph 2.3 of Special Rating Areas Policy 2016/17 – Policy number 21144A).


Individual companies therefore remain responsible for their own on-site security / security services.




At the Annual General Meeting held in November 2016, two Directors resigned (Chris Coxwell from Unicape and founding member Andre’ Knoop).  They are thanked for all their hard work and efforts.  Nominations for Directorship were received and Richard Ayres (Saplings) and Andrew Thomson (Chantec) were appointed.  We thank them for their willingness to serve alongside the other three existing board members, Ausef Raad (Chairperson), Greg Morse (Vice-Chairperson) and Andre’ Cloete (Pen Bev).  All relevant AGM documentation is available on the website together with the minutes of meeting .




Please notify the CID office of crime and incidents as this assists us in identifying hot spot areas and implementing strategies aimed at decreasing crime.  These reports also play a major role in identifying locations for cameras.  4 Static cameras are due to be installed along De La Rey Road shortly as well as one on the corner of Industria Ring and MC Beukes Streets.



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